It is appalling enough that the Blacks were first brought in by force from their native African countries after a dearth of manual labor was faced in the cotton fields. They were enslaved and brutality knew no bounds. But today, the world is bowing to some of those African Americas who have made their own place in the world.

  • Political Figures: Perhaps the first name that springs to mind is Barrack Like the first African American President of America, Obama’s name will always be shining example. Secretary of States Condoleezza Rice is also someone who as a black woman, has risen to the top position in the American political scenario.
  • Literary Figures: The African American writers have struck a cord with anything that they have ever written. Perhaps the most prominent among them is Toni Morrison. Her books like Sula, Blue, Beloved and Songs of Solomon have brought tears to the eyes. Same can be said about Alice Walker who through her work In Search of Our Mother’s Garden has ensured that the world knows about them.
  • Entertainment: The entire world accepts Michael Jackson as the King of Pop. He was of Africa descent and America danced to his moves. Beyonce Knowles is another such phenomenon and along with her husband Jay-Z, they make a team that has the entire world grooving. There are so many other raps and jazz performers and they only uphold that skin color can never get in the way of talent.

We respect these people who fought against all odds and are today among the most lovable persons in the world.

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