Skill is the basic requirements to make crochet and the crochet supplies that you require is very limited. What you need is just a good quality crochet hook, spinning yarn and scissors. Quality of scissors is not a bothering one; you can pick up any pair that lies around your home. You should show extra care while choosing the yarn and the hook. The hook that you choose should be comfortable for your hands. There are hooks with sizes H, I or J that are probable for adult hands. To get the right hook, just notice how they connect to the handle. Watch whether the handle taper cut down or taper into the hook. Buy the one that you are comfortable with. It will be wise to have a spare set of hooks, if some emergency happens while you are on work.


Choice of Yarn

Most of the books for beginners will guide you to buy dark or fuzzy yarn. This is a wrong advise and do not do that. It is necessary that you watch stitches as you learn. It will be difficult to look for the stitches in dark yarns. Therefore, avoid darker ones. It will be advisable to buy yarns with pale colors. White yarn in standard worsted yarn with about quarter inch diameter will be an ideal choice. Take care that the yarn chosen by you is spongy when you touch and it should not split into strands. These types of yarns will show the stitches best


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