How do you explain the importance of a capital city to young minds? No matter how much you talk about the history of Washington DC in class, it will be incomplete without looking at the places that were a part of that history. These places capture the true spirit of America and are a symbol of patriotism. The best way to convey the greatness of Washington DC is to arrange Washington DC field trips for your class.

A field trip always helps children relate to the theories they have read about in books and what has been taught in class. You may talk endlessly about the White House or Capitol Hill, but it will only become real for children when they see it. There are many agencies that arrange Washington DC tours and you can consult them when arranging a field trip for your class.

Most tour operators have a complete idea about the places to be seen. They also know the best times and days for visiting these places. You must always consult a tour operator before coming to Washington DC, so they can tell you which days would be best for looking at the important places in the city.

If you are pressed for time and want to arrange a DC trip for a single day, they can help you arrange that too. Tour operators know the exact time taken for reaching different places of importance. If you want to see historical monuments, they can arrange a trip going through historical places only. These would include monuments, museums and memorials.

Apart from this, you can also arrange for sightseeing tours to other famous places, such as the White House, the Lincoln Memorial, and the Supreme Court.

You can also prepare an account of historic events that took place in each of these locations. For example, when visiting war memorials, you can explain about the sacrifices that soldiers made for the honor of their country. This way the children will always remember the importance of the places they saw.

Children always take great pleasure in new experiences and DC field trips are a great way of creating a link between what they read and the actual place. Nothing gives more pleasure to children than actually seeing a place that they have heard about. Imagine their sense of pride when they see all the places that have made history, and made their country what it is today.



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