Contents: System Shakedown; Getting Started with Applixware Office Applications; Using the Directory Displayer; Getting Help with Applixware Office; Becoming Familiar with Words; Creating & Managing Documents; Working with Text; Editing Your Work; Formatting Your Text; Incorporating Special Elements; Adding Tables; Creating Mail Merge Documents; Building a Book; Forms, Fields, & Macros; Words at Work; Using the Spreadsheets Interface; Using Spreadsheets & Sheets; Using Cells & Ranges; Using Basic Functions & Formulas; Incorporating Additional Objects & Files; Working with Databases in Spreadsheets; Creating Charts; Spreadsheets at Work; Becoming Familiar with the Graphics Interface; Working with Images; Editing Images; Preparing Images for the Web; Graphics at Work; Learning the Presents Interface; Creating a Presentation; Making Adjustments to Your Presentation; Adding Special Effects to Your Presentations; Presenting Your Presentation; Presents at Work; Becoming Familiar with the Mail Interface; Sending & Receiving Mail; Using the User Lists; Applix Mail at Work; Learning the HTML Author Interface; Creating a Web Page; Advanced HTML Features; Publishing Your Web Page; HTML Author at Work; Becoming Familiar with Data; Using Database Tables; Using Queries; Data at Work; Introducing Builder; Introducing ELF; Using the Editors; Builder at Work. CD-ROM INCLUDED.

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