The Ever Popular Black Magazines

Black magazines are those that cover topics which appeal to the African American community. They contain relevant context for those who understand black culture and its influences. In African American magazines you’ll find articles and images that are a representation of the audience.

The black magazine industry came about as a way to cover topics important to African American when the mainstream media did not do so. As early as the 1940’s black magazines came onto the market with publications such as Jet Magazine and the ever-popular Ebony later following suit. Soon after these and other publications came onto the market, hundreds of African American magazine publications of all types started to pop onto shelves everywhere.

There are at any given time about 200 magazines in population including large and small publications. They include everything from hip-hop culture in urban magazine publications to health and fitness, parenting, lifestyle, fashion, beauty, bridal, sports, home, entrepreneurial, and so many more. With so many to choose from in this day and age, people from all over the world are getting a glimpse into African American culture.



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