For a new author, publishing a book is perhaps the most difficult and challenging task. Different companies and publishing houses have different rules and procedures; and it can be mind boggling for the author. However, there are some basic tips and guidelines to keep in mind if you wish to publish your book and see your manuscript getting accepted.


Your first step should be, even before contacting a book publishers, is to proofread your manuscript thoroughly and properly. A professional proofreader can be hired for this purpose. Also, the tile of your book ought to be catch and impressive; it must generate interest in the audience. The same thing is applicable for the chapter headings. Such things determine the sale of a book.


One way of getting your manuscript accepted by a publishing house is to follow the rules and regulations diligently. It is better not to go indulge in any tricky or short cut way which may lead to the rejection of your manuscript. Some publishing houses demand a submission of the title and the synopsis of the manuscript while others require a complete submission of the manuscript. Such rules must be abided by.


At the initial stage of your writing career you should approach every publishing house. Since, at this level you lack reputation and experience; the big publishing houses might not recognize you. Hence, it is advisable not to rule out the small publishing houses as at this level, it is easier to work with them. These publishing houses may not have too many rules, regulations and rigidities.


It is advisable to hire an agent for the purpose of publishing. An agent can assist you on this venture and many publishing houses are likely to consider your case, if you have an agent. Thus, it is better to consider these factors if you are looking forward to publishing a book.



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