Gas lamps or gas lights are gaining popularity at fast pace; now and they are not just being used on a small scale inside the house, but on a large scale, involving government recommendation. A lot of emphasis is being laid on the conservation of power and electricity and alternative sources of energy are being worked upon. Gas lamps are lamps that are artificial in nature and the energy to burn the lights comes from the combustion of gases like methane, hydrogen, carbon monoxide, butane etc or natural gas.

It might sound new to urban dwellers but in earlier days, before electricity became widespread, gas lights were the most prevalent form of lighting. Many earlier books and literary works have examples of the gas lamps being lighting lit in the evenings. But in those days it was done manually, whereas nowadays they are made in such a manner that, they self ignite. Hence there is no need to worry about the time. In many countries, like Germany, gas lamps are also being used as street lights. Since the street lights have to be kept on for almost twelve hours every day after sunset, it has been proved to be a giant leap in the conservation of energy in that country.

Nowadays, gas lamps are also being used inside the house. They are used with quaint lamp stands and are a perfect reminder of the bay gone era. If you want to get a vintage look for your house, then installing gas lamps is the easiest way to do so. After the 1950’s the use of gas lamps ebbed for a while and people were taken in by the swiftness of operating and electric bulb. But now, gas lamps are back again in full glory.

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